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LOVE these shots of Amanda. She was such a sweetheart, and I think it really shows in her pictures! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do her senior session for her. 🙂

We had so much fine trying out new locations, and using a willow tree as a background for the first time. I think they turned out so awesome! We had incredible light at the end of our shoot as well, and I love how beautifully the orange light lit up her hair! Ah! 🙂

You are wonderful Amanda!


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 Finally getting to blog this beauty! I had so much fun spending some time with Abbey earlier this year, she is an absolute STUNNER, and a natural in front of the camera. We even got to try some new locations together the pictures turned out awesome!

Abbey is a BEAUTIFUL dancer, and it was so fun to be able to capture her love for dance! And we got to end our session with the most gorgeous sunset glow( my favvoorriittee kind of light!). Ah, it was a dream to shoot!

I had so much fun with you, Abbey! Thank you for such a fantastic shoot! 🙂



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I was SO excited when Taylor contacted me and said that she was willing to let me take pictures of her in her gorgeous prom dress! And we had such a lovely day to shoot. It was so warm, and this shoot was in February! I don’t think I’ve ever been able to shoot that early in the year before, it was awesome!

Taylor is SUCH a sweet girl! She giggled the entire time and it was adorable! I had so much fun capturing the joy that radiates from her. 🙂

 These are some of my favorite images to date! The colors were amazing, and I loved the shots we got of her dress in the air! Ahh, so much fun!

Thank you for an incredible session Taylor, I had a blast!

Illinois SeniorSenior Pictures


Welcome to Carlee’s snow session! I must admit, with the lack of snow we’ve been getting, I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to take any pictures in the snow this year. I was very bummed. But then we had a surprise snow flurry right after Valentines day, and Carlee happened to be off school that Tuesday! To say that I was extremely excited is a massive understatement. 🙂 And the fact that is started snowing again DURING our session? How cool is that! The falling snowflakes added the most magical touch to her photos!

Carlee brought her prom dress to her session, and I about DIED when she put it on. This dress is literally a combination of all the things I’ve ever loved in a prom dress- long sleeves, flowy train, sparkles, and lots and lots of lace! And um DANG, I think red is her color because I don’t think I’ve ever seen blue eyes pop like that. My gosh Carlee, you did a fantastic job styling yourself for this session!

And if you are wondering, yes it was freezing and yes, Carlee is barefoot in those dancing pictures! Anyone else probably would have been a little freaked out to take off their shoes and dance around in the snow, but Carlee was all for it. Even though this part of our session only lasted about five minutes, it was definitely one of my favorite parts. She is such a beautiful dancer and it was wonderful to get to watch her do what she loves!

Carlee, I had so much fun with you! Thanks for braving the snow with me, these images are some of my favorites!


Illinois Senior Pictures

Chicago senior pictures

Meet Kailey! This beautiful girl was my last senior of 2015, and I honestly couldn’t have had a better way to end my year!

First off, I just have to talk about this girl’s wardrobe.  Normally, I send out a What to Wear guide to my seniors, and them have them text me ideas so that I can give them ideas on how to make their outfits better. Not Kailey, she didn’t need any help! She came with outfits that perfectly matched her style, and I didn’t make a single change to her wardrobe! And you can see why below, they are absolutely gorgeous! I love the edgy feel that the first two outfits give off, showing her edgy side. But what I REALLY loved was her last two outfits! The softness of those outfits just showcased her beautiful eyes and soft skin in such an amazing way! Her EYES! My GOSH! I think she literally has every single color in those gorgeous eyes of hers! I know I seem to have something to say like that about all of my seniors, but dang I am such a sucker for eyes 🙂

Kailey was such a wonderful person to spend the day with. She is SO unique, so sweet, but has this sarcastic humor that kept me laughing all day. I loved it! And dang, this girl is SMART! She has a love for math and science, something that I find so impressive! Any school would be so lucky to have her because she is going to do BIG things in the science field.

I loved our session Kailey! You are so wonderful!


Illinois Senior Pictures

Chicago Senior Pictures^Absolutely DYING over this shot! So beautiful!^